• Gajin Entertainment

    With over 30 top-notch titles spanning multiple platforms, Gaijin Entertainment are more than a simple, unassuming games developer from Russia.

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  • War Gaming

    When a games developer can say that it has offices around the globe including one in Tokyo, Paris, Singapore and Sydney as well as four in the US alone ...

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  • Infinity Ward

    If you judge a developer by how many games they manage to sell, it's safe to say that Infinity Ward would be viewed quite highly by most. Some developers ...

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  • EA Digital Illusions CE

    You're not going to find many games development companies with as impressive an output as that of Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment.

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The Top Earning War Games
and Their Developers

Ever wondered just how much money the Call of Duty games rake in each year? Perhaps you're curious as to the sales figures of Battlefield compared to its rival wargames out there. Also, whatever happened to Medal of Honour? These are the kind of questions that this article hopes to answer, as it is intended to cover the details about exactly which war games out there managed to rake in the most money to date, as well as how much money was earned by each massive franchise. You'll also find out a little more about the developers behind these multi-million dollar franchises that dominate the war game market today.