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Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment

Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment's long-running relationship with the Battlefield series puts very close to the top of many peoples' lists when it comes to top games developers in the world. Once a company that existed solely for developing pinball titles in the early nineties, DICE has gone from strength to strength, their success reaching unimaginable magnitudes upon the production and release of Battlefield 1942.

DICE's success with the Battlefield series puts them in direct competition a number of war game developers including  Infinity Ward, the creator of the rival Call of Duty series of games. However, even though DICE produces war games just like Infinity Ward, their history is a little less dramatic and lighter on the lawsuits than that of their main rival. This is therefore a brief profile of a company with a more traditional and less dramatic history than many, with information about some of the company's best war games to go with it.

Early Years

If you look at DICE's games roster, which is quite an extensive list, it is obvious that this is a company that has been around for a good while. Formed in 1992 by five founding members, DICE sae many of its early years' works being developed in the dorm rooms of the founding members, who were students for a number of years whilst working on pinball games for the Amiga system.  The first of such titles was Pinball Dreams, but the late 90s saw DICE branching out to racing games of the likes of Motorhead as well as STCC and STCC 2 in the year 2000.

From the year 2000 it was still to be two years before DICE produced the first game in what eventually became one of the greatest-selling game franchises of all time, Battlefield. Though DICE's previous racing and pinball games were respectable and prolific in their release frequency, it is Battlefield that ultimately became the company's main focus from 2005-2008 following EA's acquisition of DICE in 2004, and still remains one of the games that occupies much of the company's time today.

Battlefield 1942 and Beyond

Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment

There is no doubt that Battlefield 1942 is one of the most iconic titles of DICE's entire games portfolio. Released in 2002 for Windows and Macintosh, this WWII first-person shooter involves battling against either the game's AI or in multiplayer mode across the internet. You can assume the role of a soldier from one of five classes: Scout, Anti-tank, Medic, Assault, and Engineer.

Battlefield 1942's scope is significantly impressive as in addition to ground combat you are also able to fly a variety of planes as well as take to the seas in submarines and aircraft carriers. You can even drive and fight in tanks or operate anti-aircraft guns. Battlefield 1942's official site still exists in part because of the legacy of the game: an 89/100 rating from Gamerankings and Metacritic speaks of its quality. Battlefield 1942's impact goes beyond that of simply being DICE's defining moment in its entire history however since its many sequels (still being released in 2015) consistently raised the bar for multiplayer gaming, pushing rival games such as Call of Duty to up their game as well.

Though a few expansion packs were released after Battlefield 1942, the first true sequel was Battlefield Vietnam with its historical maps that took players to places like the Ho Chi Minh trail and the Battle of Khe Sanh. For many however, it was Battlefield 2 that garnered the most positive reaction from critics and fans alike, quickly becoming regarded as one of the greatest war games of all time, taking players to the modern battlefield and significantly improving its game engine along with its multiplayer as well as introducing strategic and role-playing elements to the gameplay in addition to the usual first-person shooter format.

There are simply too many Battlefield titles to adequately cover in a brief profile such as this, but it should be obvious from the staggering quantity of expansion packs for Battlefield 2 alone that this game was a resounding success. It didn't stop there for DICE however, since a number of massively successful sequels had their time in the sun including the futuristic Battlefield 2142, Battlefield 1943 (for Xbox 360 and PS3), Battlefield 3 in 2011 and Battlefield 4 in 2013. An array of expansion packs also sit between many of these release dates, and Battlefield Hardline is the most recent title of the series to come from DICE, involving a collaboration with Visceral Games.

Games currently under development at DICE are the highly-anticipated Star Wars Battlefront and a gorgeous-looking reboot to the 2008 title of the same name, Mirror's Edge.