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Gaijin Entertainment

The awards and accolades roster for Gaijin is impressive enough to write a dedicated article on them, with honours such as Best Games Developer and best Mobile Game Developer sitting amongst their many achievements. However, this profile for Gaijin Entertainment looks to shed a more light on a company that employ an impressive number of staff in multiple countries, all dedicated to producing some of the finest games you're ever likely to come across. Looking at their games roster, it is obvious that Gaijin's forte is the war game genre, so be prepared to get informed not only about the company but also about the war games they have produced and are currently producing.


Gaijin Entertainment was formally established back in 2002. Anyone who has played multipl games from their impressive roster will know that the Russian company are specialists in producing games for multiple platforms as their titles occupy a variety of consoles, computers and mobiles. Covering the Microsoft Windows platform most prolifically but also those of Mac OS X, Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox 360, and both Android and iOS devices, the company offers numerous outlets through which you can enjoy their award-winning developing talents.

Gaijin Entertainment

If you look through Gaijin's Games Catalogue, not only will you find multiple examples of their developing talents, but also an example of their great sense of humour which is displayed in the form of an April Fools joke that involved setting up a fake announcement of a new game entitled Star Thunder. This joke was crafted excellently, with video footage from a number of other Gaijin games used to compile a "preview" video for the allegedly upcoming title.

Recognition and Awards

Gaijin is no stranger to some of the most coveted awards in the industry, amassing numerous prizes over the years for a number of their impressive titles. As well as having their most successful title, War Thunder, praised by IGN with a 7.2/10 score, their hardcore combat-flight simulator IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey picked up a "Best Simulator" award for the next-gen consoles category at the Japanese Game Developers Conference Awards. Further recognition has been awarded to the company in the form of other wards  for many of their games including Best Game, Best Original Game, Best Developer, and Best Sound Design, awarded to some of Gaijin's creations year after year.

 The aforementioned prizes aren't the only awards that Gaijin have been party to: they have also picked up the "Best Technologies" award for their very own Dagor Engine, which is a proprietary technology that was developed in-house, and is used for many of Gaijin's titles thus far including War Thunder, Birds of Steel, and IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey.

As if these wards aren't enough proof of Gaijin's containing success, War Thunder - arguably its most successful title so far - also set a Guinness World Record for having the most planes in a flight simulation game as well as setting one for having the most players online simultaneously on one single flight simulation server.

Notable Successes

Gaijin is obviously a developer that has attained success since their founding in 2002, but some of their titles stand out more than others, particularly when you look at the ww2 games that they have released. Though there are around 8 games on their roster that constitute great war-gaming experiences, there are three that stand out quite a long way from the rest.

War-Thunder (MMO, Cross-Platform - Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, PS4, Linux)

This highly successful MMO could quite easily be described as Gaijin's jewel in their developing crown: a 7.2/10 in IGN's PS4 review and a Metascore of 82 go a long way to affirming this statement. This is an MMO that is extremely ambitious since it covers the entirety of World War II, focusing on simulating the aviation side of combat but also allowing players to lend their skills to other armoured vehicles and even entire fleets of them during its gameplay. Not to mention the fact that because of its format you're actually playing against real-life players from across the world. Ambitious is probably a mild way of putting the intentions of this game.

Further earning the game its impressive Metascore are its hundreds of planes available for flight with the detail of the models (both inside and out) touching upon simulation level, whilst keeping the difficulty manageable for players that are relatively new to the often interminably shallow learning curve that often accompanies hardcore flight simulations like DCS World.

Birds of Steel (Combat Flight Simulator - Playstation 3, Xbox 360)

In Birds of Steel you get the kind of hardcore flight simulation gameplay that was mentioned in the previous section, playable on the 360 and the PS3. Another successful hit with its fans and reviewers alike (a Metascore of 77 and user score of 8.9/10 indicates this quite strongly), Birds of Steel should nonetheless be viewed not as a combat-based flight game but as an immensely detailed simulation that caters specifically for fans of vintage aircraft.

Everything about Birds of Steel screams of loyalty to a fan base that appreciates immense depth and detail in their vintage flight simulations, and in spite of catering to this very niche market, Gaijin have still managed to see to it that Birds of Steel is acclaimed by critics as well as loved by its fans. You can check out the vintage-style site at this link:

Il-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey  (Combat Flight Simulator - Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC)

If you love Birds of Steel it is going to be pretty difficult not to appreciate what Gaijin did with their 2009 hit IL2-Sturmovik: Birds of Prey (called Wings of Prey for the Windows platform). This is yet another combat flight simulator but this time catering to those that want a little less hardcore difficulty in their games, toning down the simulation side in order to make it a little more accessible.

The single player campaign of the game has you flying as the Allied powers against the Axis forces, whilst its impressive multiplayer lets you choose to play for either side. Expect to experience the most iconic and well-known battles from World War II here, albeit with a little less realism than is found in Birds of Steel.

Fans of the Il-2 Sturmovik as a series will be pleased to know that development is underway for Il-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Moscow, though it won't be Gaijin heading up this particular project.

More War Games

Some of the less well-known war games that Gaijin have up their sleeve may not be as widely known as many of their , but are still a demonstration of Gaijin's dedication to producing quality war games that are consistently impressive. Gaijin's have a series of games called Modern Conflict with two titles to its name as of 2015. Both are real-time strategy war games that are made for the mobile platform, the original covering iOS and Android and Modern Conflict 2 being made for iOS devices including the iPod touch as well as Android.

Gaijin Entertainment

The original Modern Conflict has you controlling tanks and helicopters on the battlefield, all with a real-time strategy framework that is reminiscent of Galcon but focused more on 20th century military conflict rather than being set in space. Modern Conflict 2 sees a fantastic overhaul in terms of visuals as well as new missions, new content, a character development system, and over 100 different maps.

Also occupying the depths of Gaijin's roster is Apache Air Assault, a combat flight simulator for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 that focuses entirely on simulating the workings of the real-life Apache AH-64D Longbow attack helicopter. This is a simulation of the detail you'd expect from Birds of Steel, only focusing on the very different experience of flying an attack helicopter with many of the procedures a real-life pilot of the vehicle would follow when taking off, landing, and engaging combatants. The game's official site is and is worth a visit.

Finally, Wings of Luftwaffe is worth a mention since this PC-based add-on to Wings of Prey, delivering to players ten single-player missions. These missions give you the opportunity to experience two German planes and an additional 40 aircraft skins. Wings of Luftwaffe is available as downloadable content, and this game polishes off Gaijin's epic war game roster, which is filled with some of the most impressive war games spread across multiple platforms

More Information

Where better to find out more about the mighty Gaijin than to visit the website? It is available in multiple languages and contains information on some of the current happenings at the developer's HQ including the "Weapons of Victory" and "Big Guns "updates to War Thunder.